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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jelly Bean Journey...

On 9/25/12 I got the notification to update my Galaxy Nexus to JellyBean Android 4.1.1.
 I thought it would be the answer to all the Galaxy Nexus issues I've discussed in the earlier posts. What I discovered is that wasn't true. The main issue has been the battery life. Seems as if the battery was lasting about 5-6 hours tops before needing to be charged. I took the factory reset plunge....once again! I read on a few sites that this would solve the issue.
Here is my experiment:

First 12 hrs only the preinstalled apps
Next 12(which included overnight) I added Google Drive and Calorie Counter 

3:38p battery completely discharged
Next 12 Facebook and GoSms, hdfullscreen caller id and Draw Something
Battery did seem to deplete faster with the last 4 added...will hold off

Phone kept charge over night waking up to 43%? still
From 8:30a-10:30a that 43% was used up.
Next 4 to be added when battery completely discharged again.
Adding: Chrome,GTasks,Pandora,Voice.

As of yesterday battery lasted about 12 hours (@10:59p it was @ 39% and had been on 10h6m 32s). I went to bed about 1:30a and that's when the phone died. What I did notice is the battery seems to also charge quicker. About 2:40a the phone was fully charged. I unplugged to see if that practice would make a difference throughout the day. The battery had the red exclamation point about 6:30p. Little to moderate use throughout the day, was actually busy at work.

I believe a factory reset probably did help. I will continue to add apps until I see there is an issue that affects the battery life. Best time I saw was 1 day but that too was with little to moderate use and very few apps.

Hope your journey leads you to a happy place...I"m happier but still not wowed! :-)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus-camera and browser issue

So I posted on G+ the other day the frustration I was having with my GNex.
The camera sometimes decides it doesn't want to work. It's so random, hard to pinpoint when it will happen besides the most inopportune time!
Also, sometimes the browser will refuse to...well, browse! And this is bother stock and chrome.
At the suggestion of a fellow G+ er I'm posting all my apps to see if anyone knows any issues these or combination of these may cause or have caused.
Let me know.
Thanks a billion!

P.S. I was hopeful at one point that there would be a patch sent for some of the known issues but that hasn't happened. Jellybean hasn't happened yet either...hmmm
I still have my OG Droid....could find me a cool rom.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Interesting Finding...galaxy nexus battery life

So, I guess I'm obsessed with making this the best phone ever...the o in ocd LOL

I did a factory reset just cause and charged up the battery and put wifi on. This was about 10pm. Used phone intermittently till bed time after midnight. Left it unplugged and used into the Fay all on wifi. The screenshots represent before bed, waking in the morning and two points during the day.

Was this known already that Wi-Fi would cause less drain on the battery?

Is there an app, I believe so, that automatically switches data/wifi based on location,time, etc.?

Thinking if I should use my energy to build an app or the computer I have been thinking of building??