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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So, I have just a quick note today: I got my glasses! That was really, super quick. I am totally impressed. It came with all the things you see in the picture above. 

EYEGLASS CASE: Although I did expect a BabyPhat one, as the glasses are that brand, but it's not big deal. It appears to be a nice sturdy, reliable case nonetheless.

EYEGLASSES: Duh, yes the glasses came, the prescription appears to be right on, although, I have trouble with feeling disoriented when first putting on glasses and so I only had them on for a bit but I could see clearly!

EYEGLASS POUCH: I've never gotten one of these with any glasses I have ever purchased before and I've been wearing glasses since 7th grade, I think. 

CONTACT LENS HOLDER: This was a nice touch especially since I didn't order any contacts. You can never have enough of these!

EYE GLASS CLEANING CLOTH: Love, love, love these things! I use them on glasses and my DROID!!!

KEYCHAIN EYEGLASS TOOL: This is really cool, who doesn't need that small screwdriver every now and again, even if not for yourself. What a thoughtful gift!

I am happy with my "free" glasses and with on a whole!

Thank You!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


You gotta give it up to a company that has costumer service as a priority!

According to, the definition of customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. On January 12th, 2011, had a promotion for free glasses on Facebook. I like free just as much as the next person but I think we are all aware that there are scams and ploys to get business and or your personal and confidential information out there. With that said, I went into this with an  eyebrow raised, skepticism high and not a bit of expectation in my bones...kinda like I go through life (shhh, don't tell anybody they might worry). 
I had already "liked" the page back in November when I first heard about this "free glasses" giveaway, so all I had to do was click on the link and enter the code. Well, to be quite honest it wasn't that easy. It was a Wednesday afternoon...snow had fallen, so I had been out to shovel and was back in waiting to eat when I saw the news that it was almost time for the free glasses. So, I clicked and got the cutest page telling me that I was in the waiting room and to wait to be forwarded to the destination page or to reload if I wasn't automatically sent there. I waited, I  clicked reload, I waited, I clicked reload, I came out, clicked the link again and this process went on for some time. Finally, the page came up and I actually got a little excited, prematurely. The page had some error and I had to go through the process all over again. That's when I gave up. There had been numerous posts on the Facebook page stating the same errors and such that I was experiencing, making this seem like a bit of a waste of time.
I went to have a bite to eat and came back to it and was able to get through. Coool! Then I had another issue, although I knew I didn't have a physical prescription,I was sure I could get this information from my vision provider(Walmart): WRONG! So I posted my concerns on the page and got some very good feedback. That was at 1:05pm, I thought I was on a roll...NOT! Encountered the same error issues, so I walked away again, no big's free after all, can't be too mad! I decided to give it one more try, as I have a slight obsession with BabyPhat and the glasses were so cute! Well third times a charm! I was able to place my order and speak to customer service and write  the following post on Facebook:

Thank You Coastal Contacts! Not only for the free pair of glasses but the wonderful customer service...I spoke to Brian!

January 12 at 3:26pm
All in a days work...ok, not so much work but 3.5 hours and $16.07 later, I got a pair of free glasses. Now, please understand, the story doesn't end here. As I stated above, I didn't have my correct prescription...and after what I'd like to call my memory loss week...I regained my senses. I made an appointment for a new eye exam, went to have new eye exam, came to find memory loss week had not really ended and I had different insurance so I wasn't able to get a new eye exam. I couldn't get a new eye exam not only because Walmart doesn't accept my new vision insurance but the doctor was stuck in traffic, so even if I had the right insurance, it still wouldn't have happened because she wasn't there and I was on a time schedule! So, the young lady proceeded to tell me, your eyeglass prescription is good for 2 years: HAAAAALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Great, she gave me the script as if she was giving me secret war information, but that's okay...I don't mind asking someone to repeat themselves. Although, I felt like the information she was giving me wasn't right, I had to run with it. Got home later that day, called into and was on hold FOREVER, couldn't take it any longer and opted to leave a message for  a callback. I don't know if anyone out there has ever heard that option on a customer service line and thought: yeah right, a call back. Well, I have but after the first positive experience, I said to myself: "self, give it a shot!". I received a call back almost 24 hours to the time I left the message and spoke to a most understanding, Angela. Angela, had my account information in front of her and was ready and eager to assist. Not only did Angela, make sure she understood the dilemma but she placed me on a ever so brief hold and called Walmart herself to verify the information I had given her. The call didn't take long, Angela was friendly, cheerful and helpful. I expect my free BabyPhat glasses from to be here in 10 business days but they could possibly be here in 3...I'll keep you updated!
Whether the glasses are free or not, I suggest doing business with this company! Customer service is hard to come by in this day and age and it is so refreshing and appreciated!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Letter Writing, you're doing it right!

So, I'm an avid letter writer, mostly to complain but sometimes to compliment and others just to get what I want to say off my chest. Well, my latest letter writing venture was to the president, financial and marketing heads at Verizon Wireless. Please, take a peek at my note:

Good Afternoon-

I am contacting you, as well as the marketing and financial heads in light of the news regarding the iPhone coming to Verizon Wireless. I believe this is a top move for the company but I am speaking from a customer perspective. I have been a Verizon Wireless customer since December 2003, as well as my parents. Verizon Wireless will be getting tons of NEW business because of this announcement. There are MILLIONS of tried and true customers who didn't jump ship without the iPhone availability, I'm asking what is Verizon Wireless prepared to do besides offer first "dibs" at ordering the iPhone. I'm proposing two suggestions: First, a 1% discount for every year of loyalty to Verizon Wireless and/or the ability to upgrade your device to the iPhone minus the price you paid for your last upgrade. Either of these options would show the customers who have valued the Verizon Wireless experience, that the company does care about the customer. The economic climate is poor but people need and want little things to lift their spirits. Verizon Wireless is the largest and most reliable but it comes at a price that, we the customer have and continue to pay and we remain loyal. Lets see some thanks for that loyalty.

Thank You for taking the time to read and possibly consider the suggestions. 

Now, I have to give it to Verizon Wireless, I received a call regarding the above letter from a Leslie. At first, I was nervous as you see I didn't give a phone number but the online contact form did request an name and a phone number which I did provide. And that information happens to be linked to My Account online. Once I was able to speak with Leslie, she thanked me for my writing and went on to explain that at this time they would not be implementing the suggestions I made. She stated that they would be passed along to the appropriate department and should a time come in the future when they are looking for promotions for handsets, mine may be used. She asked if I had any other questions or concerns regarding my account at this time. I took the opportunity to tell her that this letter was not just about my account as she made it seem as if it were "personal". I assured her that since my purchase of the DROID in February, I was quite satisfied with my handset and actually had no plans of upgrading to the iPhone 4 at this time. Leslie didn't seemed phased my this confession and repeated her question. Then I decided to ask for some clarification regarding Verizon Wireless discontinuing the "New Every Two" program. Leslie assured me that I would still be eligible for the "New Every Two" for my next handset upgrade but after that, it's over. 
Now don't get me wrong, Verizon Wireless to me is a top notch cellular provider, but lets face it, the price is a bit steep in comparison to the other top providers. The reliability of the service is what makes it the best, but definitely not the handset choices(up until the DROID that is) or should I say their "dumbing down" of the handsets they choose to offer. The "New Every Two" program was like a bonus, something the others didn't offer and really lets be honest, for us TOBs (techies on budget), a necessity! So, I guess Verizon Wireless is feeling themselves now that they the iPhone 4 is on the team...OK...I see you VZW, I see you.
Well, I'm sure there will be more to this story as the days and months go by, iPhone 4 debuts, upgrade time approaches...and we'll see...

Keeping you posted...whether you like it or not...

Can't wait to bring out my new "segment" ideas...can't wait to hear your opinions...
Until then subscribing to my way of thinking ...not so bad, now is it?

P.S.Can I tell you a secret? Hopeless optimist, I am not but I did go into my account secretly thinking I would have some magically wonderful thanks for writing us discount...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fwd: Check out my apps!

Have I shared the apps I'm currently (as of 11/10 update coming soon) enjoying ...see below for a review on some.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1:
Thank goodness for this much need "app"! 
Angry Birds:
Such a cute little game, I forgot who introduced me to this game but I was glad I downloaded it. Although the initial love has worn off, I will play a level once in a while...
Aquarium Free:
Since generating this list of apps using ShareMyApps I have uninstalled this but I did love it...I love aquariums and watching fish...wish there were a free version with real fish and oooh is sound possible? 
Nothing really special does what it does...some days its more useful than others,
Barcode Scanner:
Blik Calendar Widget:
I was using this widget but I went through a period where I took all my widgets off and I just never started using it again. I liked it though. The paid version probably would have made me go back to using it because it does have some cute features for the semi-organized person.
Bookmarks to SD:
I downloaded this one because I was going to do a wipe of my phone and didn't want to lose some of the bookmarks that I just  bookmarked. I guess its functional, I honestly don't know.
This is absoultely the cutest live wallpaper I have ever seen! MUST HAVE! But my disclaimer is that it's definitely a battery drainer!
Calorie Counter:
Cats Sounds:
Continuous Shoot:
I'm no professional photographer or anything but I do enjoy taking pictures of almost ANYTHING. I like the concept of this app, simply because I used to have this feature on my old digital camera. My problem with this app is there is no option to turn the flash on or use the zoom.
CopyCat Lite:
All I can say is who didn't love Simon when you were younger?? I know I did and I love this game, so does my 6 year old goddaughter!
Dolphin Browser HD:
Best replacement browser there is ...
ES File Explorer:
ES Task Manager:
Facebook Touch:
Google Voice:
Handcent SMS:
Best replacement messaging app that I know of
Gotta love it...keeps you connected, can't wait to start using it professionally
Huffington Post:
Instant Heart Rate:
MUST HAVE!!! especially since the last will work wonders on your battery ...I'm at 13 hours today...not sure what I did differently because I had been getting 16 lately.
Kik Messenger:
Still waiting to see the greatness of this app, have no friends using it so I can't say...
Meebo IM:
Mobile Andrio:
Morning Coffee:
My Tracks:
Ocean waves (Kang-o-rama):
LOVE, LOVE this live app. I saw it when I went to see what the hype was about the fascinate and just fell for it...I love watching water and its the closest thing. And just like the aquarium live wallpaper if there was would be perfection!
Percent Calculator:
Post it Desk:
This app is a dud for me, I have yet to send, upload or even complete a video with it. FORCE CLOSES every time.
Read it later:
Real BlackJack:
Retro Camera:
Another cute camera app! Same compliant as the continuous flash or zoom!
Scanner Radio:
SMS Backup & Restore:
Sudoku Free:
Talking Parrot:
The Weather Channel:
Voice Recorder:
What The Doodle!? (LITE):
XiiaLive Lite:
Generated by ShareMyApps

I might revisit some of these to add my two cents worth but the list will definitely be different as this one above was generated 2 months ago.
Read me

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Verizon journey through cell phones...

I have been with Verizon Wireless since December 2003. I switched from Voicestream which is now known as T-Mobile that I'm certain I wouldn't ever go back to. Verizon may be expensive but I think it's the most reliable service and with the DROID...its da bomb!
I've loved all my phones, well with the exception of 4 that I didn't intend on. The  LG Chocolate, the Samsung SCH and the Saga and the Omnia were not on my list of faves!

Anyway, I began my journey with the LG VX-6000, I thought this was the coolest phone this time I can't think of anything special it did but at the time it was magical ;-). If I remember correctly I moved onto the LG VX-8100 because the later had trouble holding a charge. The 8100 had the cool color front screen that could play a video!!! How cool was that at that time? I welcomed myself to the world of custom ringtones and overall phone customization with this phone but it too had some charge issues.Because it was not time for an upgrade I had to ask for a phone from a friend who had upgraded already. This is how I ended up with this sucky LG Chocolate! I thought this phone was so awkward to use. I didn't think it had any redeemable qualities but it was 300% better than the few weeks I had to endure with the Samsung SCH-A650 and was so happy when upgrade period was upon me.
Oh happy day when I decided on the Motorola Q! It really wasn't an informed decision, I walked in asked what the latest phones were, looked at those and the Q just jumped out at me! I definitely wanted a phone that could send and receive email and did similar things to the Dash, which a friend had. Oh how I loved my Q!! And really still have fond memories of it, including dropping it in the grass at night and not realizing until I got back to the car 15-20 minutes later! All that, only 4 days after getting it...whew! I don't recall what the downfall of the Q was, but I remember the day the VZW tech told me that they couldn't replace it because there were no more anywhere...I was heart broken! I wanted my Q not any other, substandard phone. I wasn't thrilled about the touch part of it, I wasn't thrilled about the color, nor was I thrilled with the size.Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my Samsung Saga and began to play with it. The Saga was a really good phone, pretty similar to the Q in many ways with just a bit of a step up. The Saga is basically still in working order and if I chose to get a new batter it would probably be as good as new. I never intended to keep the Saga for too long I was looking forward to what the new phones would be when it was time for my new every two.
Time came for my new every two and really I didn't feel  like there were any quality phones but the Saga wasn't holding a charge and I didn't want to waste money on a battery and then turn around and get a new phone when something that tickled my fancy came along. So, since I had such a positive experience with the Saga and it was Samsung, I decided I would try the Omnia. The whole touchscreen thing worked out better than I had thought with the little introduction that I had on the Saga, so I was ready...and excited about the widgets. My excitement died as soon as I got the phone home! I LITERALLY HATED THAT PHONE...didn't keep it but 48 hours. HATED IT!!! Nothing more to say about it. If you have or had one and have a different opinion, please feel free to tell me what it is you could have possibly liked about it. Anyway, Omnia returned back to the Saga...for another 6 months or so and in that time the DROID commercials began.
OMG...and the love affair began...