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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Annnoyed at Verizon and Motorola

Please don't misunderstand this entry as a bashing of my beloved DROID but I'm pissed off!

Last month I recieved my 4th DROID, 3rd replacement...uhhh why?? Good question!
Honestly, at this point, I can't even recall what happened to all of them but issues have varied: charging port, power button, etc. This last replacement decides at a whim it just doesn't want to function and stops.
Verizon informed me that this is my last replacement, I can no longer get replacements because the warranty for the phone is over.  Excuse me, WTF do I have insurance if not to cover a phone that is no longer under warranty??
So, I said I would call Motorola and see if they will take some responsibility for their product. Basically, NO. Phone is out of warranty, so it's not their problem is their basic response. Well, the response I was finally able to get after trying to contact via live chat on the web, email and phone call. I think the warranty should be extended with each replacement should a real issue be found. 

I had been waiting for a phone to come along to upgrade to and had decided on the upcoming nexus but this VZW dude tried to convince me it should be the DROID razr...because it's the fastest. Yeah, probably the fastest to piss me off! I'm thinking Motorola makes BUSTED CRAP! I love my DROID, when it's working, everyone knows I do, but this right here....has got me HEATED!

Obviously VZW provides substandard  products and hopes that the network makes up for that....What are my options??

Shall I go the BBB route? I don't know...I need some feedback from Verizon folks, original DROID owners and all the rest of you. This can't be let go.