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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Juice Defender and Galaxy Nexus

So, I started using the Juice Defender app to attempted to eliminate my battery complaints with the Galaxy Nexus. I had really good success with Juice Defender with my OG Droid with the exception of the problems with Pandora.

I am pleased with the results so far.  Prior to using the app I was getting at the most 7 5 hours on the battery with little use of the phone. Since using It I have been getting 10.5 on average. This is with the free version with default settings.

Please take a look at the screen shots. I think there is a case to upgrade.

Now if I can find other options for all the dislikes in my last post this phone might be perfection... we'll see!

Monday, December 26, 2011

1 Week with Galaxy Nexus

So, I've been tinkering with my Galaxy Nexus almost non stop for a week now and have a few observations.
Overall it's a great phone. Of all the reviews I have read, I don't think  my dislikes are too far off base.
Basically, I think I'm impressed with the phone. I know that doesn't sound like a raving review but I'm a picky person so this is pretty good!I have only been in personal contact with one other person with this phone so I can't really judge the true feelings about this device.


  1. Way too many's really more important the things I don't like!


  1. The audio of the speaker is EXTREMELY low while talking and ringtones and notifications.
  2. Phone doesn't charge effectively while connected to USB and "working"
  3. Phone charges EXTREMELY SLOW!
  4. Battery life SUCKS butt. The longest I believe I have gotten is 7.5hrs.( with very little use)
  5. Camera is a bit on the grainy side. I think my Samsung Saga took better pics than this!
  6. When first turning the phone on it takes the coverage TOO LONG to connect--only 3G, I have 4G turned off
  7. The lockscreen doesn't prevent access to the phone-such as the notification bar.
  8. There appears to be a lag in the auto rotation of the screen at least 3-4 seconds
  9. Dislike that the earphone plug is at the bottom of the phone
  10. Stock ring and notification tones suck (doesn't matter you can customize all phones usually have one or two that you like)
  11. No expandable memory ( I know this is "part" of the phone but I still don't like it)
  12. Face lock screen- doesn't recognize me with bangs...I still look the same basically...geesh
  13. When adding an app the icon gets placed on homescreen (wth is that about?)
  14. Facebook has not worked properly on several occasions
  15. I have had several FCs in the 1 wk, 1 day I have had the phone.
  16. Screen doesn't always go off when on a call (where is the sensor- I know OG Droid had this issue too)
The following could be lack of knowledge on the subject, but I will mention and hope for feedback as I also will researching:
  1. If you factory reset this phone---you lose EVERYTHING as opposed to if you had an SD card
  2. No way to do a soft reset.
  3. Syncing seems a bit more complicated  (I had an icon for music but it apparently never transferred)
For now this is it...I should have been documenting better but I wasn't...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

MyGalaxyNexus :-)

So I finally upgraded from my OG Droid!! Its been 3 hours and I'm satisfied... not yet in love...bit I can feel the sparks!

Hour 1- the ride home...on my first call I experienced great sound quality, which is key for me as I have some issues with hearing sometimes. I do absolutely love the screen when on a call. I always wanted the picture of the contact to take up most of the screen instead of that little box.

Hour 2- initial set up phase... I plugged in the phone to charge it. Its still charging ...please tell me because I'm using it too :-/

Hour 3 - finding things I don't I will fully test when its done charging but why can you still view the notification bar when the screen is locked? What foes the lockscreen represent if its not preventing unwanted access??? Also, I put all my music onto this phone from old memory card. I have all my Mary albums and not one of them moved over! WHY??? Again will fully test at a later date. And why do the apps automatically put an icon on the home screen? I *sigh*

Moving forward as my girl Miki says...I will keep you posted!

Thanks for reading...stay tuned.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Annnoyed at Verizon and Motorola

Please don't misunderstand this entry as a bashing of my beloved DROID but I'm pissed off!

Last month I recieved my 4th DROID, 3rd replacement...uhhh why?? Good question!
Honestly, at this point, I can't even recall what happened to all of them but issues have varied: charging port, power button, etc. This last replacement decides at a whim it just doesn't want to function and stops.
Verizon informed me that this is my last replacement, I can no longer get replacements because the warranty for the phone is over.  Excuse me, WTF do I have insurance if not to cover a phone that is no longer under warranty??
So, I said I would call Motorola and see if they will take some responsibility for their product. Basically, NO. Phone is out of warranty, so it's not their problem is their basic response. Well, the response I was finally able to get after trying to contact via live chat on the web, email and phone call. I think the warranty should be extended with each replacement should a real issue be found. 

I had been waiting for a phone to come along to upgrade to and had decided on the upcoming nexus but this VZW dude tried to convince me it should be the DROID razr...because it's the fastest. Yeah, probably the fastest to piss me off! I'm thinking Motorola makes BUSTED CRAP! I love my DROID, when it's working, everyone knows I do, but this right here....has got me HEATED!

Obviously VZW provides substandard  products and hopes that the network makes up for that....What are my options??

Shall I go the BBB route? I don't know...I need some feedback from Verizon folks, original DROID owners and all the rest of you. This can't be let go.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Feeling vindicated against my technology demon...

Saturday...I was feeling trampled on and that technology had turned it's back on me...but I have got the victory...well sorta.
I am typing this on my old..."broken" laptop with the Linux disk! That's right I figured it out...on Saturday after my last post...while I was eating!! Isn't it great?? However, my dreams of bringing the computers completely back to life...well...still figuring that out. Seems, neither the desktops(2nd partition) nor the laptops main hard drive have enough space to intall Fedora-Linux on. Quite disappointing...but, gives me something else to work on!

Super proud of me!

Below is my picture proof...since I can take a screenshot:

My other challenge is the desktop, might have to call in  some back up for this one. All of the documentation that I have read and seen don't seem to answer my issue:

I want to use E for Linux but for some reason I'm not given E: as the choice to install on. So, I figured if I un-partitioned and added it back to C: and then re-partitioned I could do that. But, the software to do that doesn't even show all of my available drives.