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Saturday, January 22, 2011


You gotta give it up to a company that has costumer service as a priority!

According to, the definition of customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. On January 12th, 2011, had a promotion for free glasses on Facebook. I like free just as much as the next person but I think we are all aware that there are scams and ploys to get business and or your personal and confidential information out there. With that said, I went into this with an  eyebrow raised, skepticism high and not a bit of expectation in my bones...kinda like I go through life (shhh, don't tell anybody they might worry). 
I had already "liked" the page back in November when I first heard about this "free glasses" giveaway, so all I had to do was click on the link and enter the code. Well, to be quite honest it wasn't that easy. It was a Wednesday afternoon...snow had fallen, so I had been out to shovel and was back in waiting to eat when I saw the news that it was almost time for the free glasses. So, I clicked and got the cutest page telling me that I was in the waiting room and to wait to be forwarded to the destination page or to reload if I wasn't automatically sent there. I waited, I  clicked reload, I waited, I clicked reload, I came out, clicked the link again and this process went on for some time. Finally, the page came up and I actually got a little excited, prematurely. The page had some error and I had to go through the process all over again. That's when I gave up. There had been numerous posts on the Facebook page stating the same errors and such that I was experiencing, making this seem like a bit of a waste of time.
I went to have a bite to eat and came back to it and was able to get through. Coool! Then I had another issue, although I knew I didn't have a physical prescription,I was sure I could get this information from my vision provider(Walmart): WRONG! So I posted my concerns on the page and got some very good feedback. That was at 1:05pm, I thought I was on a roll...NOT! Encountered the same error issues, so I walked away again, no big's free after all, can't be too mad! I decided to give it one more try, as I have a slight obsession with BabyPhat and the glasses were so cute! Well third times a charm! I was able to place my order and speak to customer service and write  the following post on Facebook:

Thank You Coastal Contacts! Not only for the free pair of glasses but the wonderful customer service...I spoke to Brian!

January 12 at 3:26pm
All in a days work...ok, not so much work but 3.5 hours and $16.07 later, I got a pair of free glasses. Now, please understand, the story doesn't end here. As I stated above, I didn't have my correct prescription...and after what I'd like to call my memory loss week...I regained my senses. I made an appointment for a new eye exam, went to have new eye exam, came to find memory loss week had not really ended and I had different insurance so I wasn't able to get a new eye exam. I couldn't get a new eye exam not only because Walmart doesn't accept my new vision insurance but the doctor was stuck in traffic, so even if I had the right insurance, it still wouldn't have happened because she wasn't there and I was on a time schedule! So, the young lady proceeded to tell me, your eyeglass prescription is good for 2 years: HAAAAALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! Great, she gave me the script as if she was giving me secret war information, but that's okay...I don't mind asking someone to repeat themselves. Although, I felt like the information she was giving me wasn't right, I had to run with it. Got home later that day, called into and was on hold FOREVER, couldn't take it any longer and opted to leave a message for  a callback. I don't know if anyone out there has ever heard that option on a customer service line and thought: yeah right, a call back. Well, I have but after the first positive experience, I said to myself: "self, give it a shot!". I received a call back almost 24 hours to the time I left the message and spoke to a most understanding, Angela. Angela, had my account information in front of her and was ready and eager to assist. Not only did Angela, make sure she understood the dilemma but she placed me on a ever so brief hold and called Walmart herself to verify the information I had given her. The call didn't take long, Angela was friendly, cheerful and helpful. I expect my free BabyPhat glasses from to be here in 10 business days but they could possibly be here in 3...I'll keep you updated!
Whether the glasses are free or not, I suggest doing business with this company! Customer service is hard to come by in this day and age and it is so refreshing and appreciated!!!

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