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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Verizon journey through cell phones...

I have been with Verizon Wireless since December 2003. I switched from Voicestream which is now known as T-Mobile that I'm certain I wouldn't ever go back to. Verizon may be expensive but I think it's the most reliable service and with the DROID...its da bomb!
I've loved all my phones, well with the exception of 4 that I didn't intend on. The  LG Chocolate, the Samsung SCH and the Saga and the Omnia were not on my list of faves!

Anyway, I began my journey with the LG VX-6000, I thought this was the coolest phone this time I can't think of anything special it did but at the time it was magical ;-). If I remember correctly I moved onto the LG VX-8100 because the later had trouble holding a charge. The 8100 had the cool color front screen that could play a video!!! How cool was that at that time? I welcomed myself to the world of custom ringtones and overall phone customization with this phone but it too had some charge issues.Because it was not time for an upgrade I had to ask for a phone from a friend who had upgraded already. This is how I ended up with this sucky LG Chocolate! I thought this phone was so awkward to use. I didn't think it had any redeemable qualities but it was 300% better than the few weeks I had to endure with the Samsung SCH-A650 and was so happy when upgrade period was upon me.
Oh happy day when I decided on the Motorola Q! It really wasn't an informed decision, I walked in asked what the latest phones were, looked at those and the Q just jumped out at me! I definitely wanted a phone that could send and receive email and did similar things to the Dash, which a friend had. Oh how I loved my Q!! And really still have fond memories of it, including dropping it in the grass at night and not realizing until I got back to the car 15-20 minutes later! All that, only 4 days after getting it...whew! I don't recall what the downfall of the Q was, but I remember the day the VZW tech told me that they couldn't replace it because there were no more anywhere...I was heart broken! I wanted my Q not any other, substandard phone. I wasn't thrilled about the touch part of it, I wasn't thrilled about the color, nor was I thrilled with the size.Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I received my Samsung Saga and began to play with it. The Saga was a really good phone, pretty similar to the Q in many ways with just a bit of a step up. The Saga is basically still in working order and if I chose to get a new batter it would probably be as good as new. I never intended to keep the Saga for too long I was looking forward to what the new phones would be when it was time for my new every two.
Time came for my new every two and really I didn't feel  like there were any quality phones but the Saga wasn't holding a charge and I didn't want to waste money on a battery and then turn around and get a new phone when something that tickled my fancy came along. So, since I had such a positive experience with the Saga and it was Samsung, I decided I would try the Omnia. The whole touchscreen thing worked out better than I had thought with the little introduction that I had on the Saga, so I was ready...and excited about the widgets. My excitement died as soon as I got the phone home! I LITERALLY HATED THAT PHONE...didn't keep it but 48 hours. HATED IT!!! Nothing more to say about it. If you have or had one and have a different opinion, please feel free to tell me what it is you could have possibly liked about it. Anyway, Omnia returned back to the Saga...for another 6 months or so and in that time the DROID commercials began.
OMG...and the love affair began...

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