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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jelly Bean Journey...

On 9/25/12 I got the notification to update my Galaxy Nexus to JellyBean Android 4.1.1.
 I thought it would be the answer to all the Galaxy Nexus issues I've discussed in the earlier posts. What I discovered is that wasn't true. The main issue has been the battery life. Seems as if the battery was lasting about 5-6 hours tops before needing to be charged. I took the factory reset plunge....once again! I read on a few sites that this would solve the issue.
Here is my experiment:

First 12 hrs only the preinstalled apps
Next 12(which included overnight) I added Google Drive and Calorie Counter 

3:38p battery completely discharged
Next 12 Facebook and GoSms, hdfullscreen caller id and Draw Something
Battery did seem to deplete faster with the last 4 added...will hold off

Phone kept charge over night waking up to 43%? still
From 8:30a-10:30a that 43% was used up.
Next 4 to be added when battery completely discharged again.
Adding: Chrome,GTasks,Pandora,Voice.

As of yesterday battery lasted about 12 hours (@10:59p it was @ 39% and had been on 10h6m 32s). I went to bed about 1:30a and that's when the phone died. What I did notice is the battery seems to also charge quicker. About 2:40a the phone was fully charged. I unplugged to see if that practice would make a difference throughout the day. The battery had the red exclamation point about 6:30p. Little to moderate use throughout the day, was actually busy at work.

I believe a factory reset probably did help. I will continue to add apps until I see there is an issue that affects the battery life. Best time I saw was 1 day but that too was with little to moderate use and very few apps.

Hope your journey leads you to a happy place...I"m happier but still not wowed! :-)