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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fwd: Check out my apps!

Have I shared the apps I'm currently (as of 11/10 update coming soon) enjoying ...see below for a review on some.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1:
Thank goodness for this much need "app"! 
Angry Birds:
Such a cute little game, I forgot who introduced me to this game but I was glad I downloaded it. Although the initial love has worn off, I will play a level once in a while...
Aquarium Free:
Since generating this list of apps using ShareMyApps I have uninstalled this but I did love it...I love aquariums and watching fish...wish there were a free version with real fish and oooh is sound possible? 
Nothing really special does what it does...some days its more useful than others,
Barcode Scanner:
Blik Calendar Widget:
I was using this widget but I went through a period where I took all my widgets off and I just never started using it again. I liked it though. The paid version probably would have made me go back to using it because it does have some cute features for the semi-organized person.
Bookmarks to SD:
I downloaded this one because I was going to do a wipe of my phone and didn't want to lose some of the bookmarks that I just  bookmarked. I guess its functional, I honestly don't know.
This is absoultely the cutest live wallpaper I have ever seen! MUST HAVE! But my disclaimer is that it's definitely a battery drainer!
Calorie Counter:
Cats Sounds:
Continuous Shoot:
I'm no professional photographer or anything but I do enjoy taking pictures of almost ANYTHING. I like the concept of this app, simply because I used to have this feature on my old digital camera. My problem with this app is there is no option to turn the flash on or use the zoom.
CopyCat Lite:
All I can say is who didn't love Simon when you were younger?? I know I did and I love this game, so does my 6 year old goddaughter!
Dolphin Browser HD:
Best replacement browser there is ...
ES File Explorer:
ES Task Manager:
Facebook Touch:
Google Voice:
Handcent SMS:
Best replacement messaging app that I know of
Gotta love it...keeps you connected, can't wait to start using it professionally
Huffington Post:
Instant Heart Rate:
MUST HAVE!!! especially since the last will work wonders on your battery ...I'm at 13 hours today...not sure what I did differently because I had been getting 16 lately.
Kik Messenger:
Still waiting to see the greatness of this app, have no friends using it so I can't say...
Meebo IM:
Mobile Andrio:
Morning Coffee:
My Tracks:
Ocean waves (Kang-o-rama):
LOVE, LOVE this live app. I saw it when I went to see what the hype was about the fascinate and just fell for it...I love watching water and its the closest thing. And just like the aquarium live wallpaper if there was would be perfection!
Percent Calculator:
Post it Desk:
This app is a dud for me, I have yet to send, upload or even complete a video with it. FORCE CLOSES every time.
Read it later:
Real BlackJack:
Retro Camera:
Another cute camera app! Same compliant as the continuous flash or zoom!
Scanner Radio:
SMS Backup & Restore:
Sudoku Free:
Talking Parrot:
The Weather Channel:
Voice Recorder:
What The Doodle!? (LITE):
XiiaLive Lite:
Generated by ShareMyApps

I might revisit some of these to add my two cents worth but the list will definitely be different as this one above was generated 2 months ago.
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