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Friday, January 21, 2011

Letter Writing, you're doing it right!

So, I'm an avid letter writer, mostly to complain but sometimes to compliment and others just to get what I want to say off my chest. Well, my latest letter writing venture was to the president, financial and marketing heads at Verizon Wireless. Please, take a peek at my note:

Good Afternoon-

I am contacting you, as well as the marketing and financial heads in light of the news regarding the iPhone coming to Verizon Wireless. I believe this is a top move for the company but I am speaking from a customer perspective. I have been a Verizon Wireless customer since December 2003, as well as my parents. Verizon Wireless will be getting tons of NEW business because of this announcement. There are MILLIONS of tried and true customers who didn't jump ship without the iPhone availability, I'm asking what is Verizon Wireless prepared to do besides offer first "dibs" at ordering the iPhone. I'm proposing two suggestions: First, a 1% discount for every year of loyalty to Verizon Wireless and/or the ability to upgrade your device to the iPhone minus the price you paid for your last upgrade. Either of these options would show the customers who have valued the Verizon Wireless experience, that the company does care about the customer. The economic climate is poor but people need and want little things to lift their spirits. Verizon Wireless is the largest and most reliable but it comes at a price that, we the customer have and continue to pay and we remain loyal. Lets see some thanks for that loyalty.

Thank You for taking the time to read and possibly consider the suggestions. 

Now, I have to give it to Verizon Wireless, I received a call regarding the above letter from a Leslie. At first, I was nervous as you see I didn't give a phone number but the online contact form did request an name and a phone number which I did provide. And that information happens to be linked to My Account online. Once I was able to speak with Leslie, she thanked me for my writing and went on to explain that at this time they would not be implementing the suggestions I made. She stated that they would be passed along to the appropriate department and should a time come in the future when they are looking for promotions for handsets, mine may be used. She asked if I had any other questions or concerns regarding my account at this time. I took the opportunity to tell her that this letter was not just about my account as she made it seem as if it were "personal". I assured her that since my purchase of the DROID in February, I was quite satisfied with my handset and actually had no plans of upgrading to the iPhone 4 at this time. Leslie didn't seemed phased my this confession and repeated her question. Then I decided to ask for some clarification regarding Verizon Wireless discontinuing the "New Every Two" program. Leslie assured me that I would still be eligible for the "New Every Two" for my next handset upgrade but after that, it's over. 
Now don't get me wrong, Verizon Wireless to me is a top notch cellular provider, but lets face it, the price is a bit steep in comparison to the other top providers. The reliability of the service is what makes it the best, but definitely not the handset choices(up until the DROID that is) or should I say their "dumbing down" of the handsets they choose to offer. The "New Every Two" program was like a bonus, something the others didn't offer and really lets be honest, for us TOBs (techies on budget), a necessity! So, I guess Verizon Wireless is feeling themselves now that they the iPhone 4 is on the team...OK...I see you VZW, I see you.
Well, I'm sure there will be more to this story as the days and months go by, iPhone 4 debuts, upgrade time approaches...and we'll see...

Keeping you posted...whether you like it or not...

Can't wait to bring out my new "segment" ideas...can't wait to hear your opinions...
Until then subscribing to my way of thinking ...not so bad, now is it?

P.S.Can I tell you a secret? Hopeless optimist, I am not but I did go into my account secretly thinking I would have some magically wonderful thanks for writing us discount...


  1. Wait! They're no longer doing the new every 2?! I didn't hear about that. Looks like I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

  2. Hey Erika! Thanks for commenting....
    I don't believe any of the other companies have anything like that anyway, so you may as well stick with having service especially for your business calls ;-)