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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So, I have just a quick note today: I got my glasses! That was really, super quick. I am totally impressed. It came with all the things you see in the picture above. 

EYEGLASS CASE: Although I did expect a BabyPhat one, as the glasses are that brand, but it's not big deal. It appears to be a nice sturdy, reliable case nonetheless.

EYEGLASSES: Duh, yes the glasses came, the prescription appears to be right on, although, I have trouble with feeling disoriented when first putting on glasses and so I only had them on for a bit but I could see clearly!

EYEGLASS POUCH: I've never gotten one of these with any glasses I have ever purchased before and I've been wearing glasses since 7th grade, I think. 

CONTACT LENS HOLDER: This was a nice touch especially since I didn't order any contacts. You can never have enough of these!

EYE GLASS CLEANING CLOTH: Love, love, love these things! I use them on glasses and my DROID!!!

KEYCHAIN EYEGLASS TOOL: This is really cool, who doesn't need that small screwdriver every now and again, even if not for yourself. What a thoughtful gift!

I am happy with my "free" glasses and with on a whole!

Thank You!

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