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Saturday, September 4, 2010

DROID doesn't...shhh, don't tell too many

As I've stated before...I have been having a love affair...yes, a love affair with my DROID. You have all seen the commercials...DROID DOES...well it has been my experience that there are some things that DROID doesn't. I don't particularly like to admit it but the "almighty Iphone sure has a laundry list of doesn'ts too!
I'm hoping by listing them either someone will point me to how it actually DOES or Google will make sure that it DOES in the not too distant future. One can only wish, hope and here it goes...

I don't remember which of my many phones in the past were able to do this but I know for a fact that the Blackberry does it now. This is really convenient in terms of battery saver. Not only that but sometimes you don't want the other notifications sounding.
A wish would be to be able to turn off notifications from certain people during those hours one click so that if you forget its something simple to do without waking up

Why wouldn't this option be available? Every 2 weeks seems like the most common reoccurrance ever! I think this is the most annoying aspect of using the calendar on the DROID.

I believe it may be easy if you are rooted but I'm talking about for the non-rooted, not tied to the desktop screenshots. One of the home replacement apps has it...I think it should be standard!

Are there any more that I have missed??
Are any of these options available in the Droid X or Droid 2?

Let me know...
I have said my least for now..I may have to revisit this topic