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Monday, September 5, 2011

Feeling vindicated against my technology demon...

Saturday...I was feeling trampled on and that technology had turned it's back on me...but I have got the victory...well sorta.
I am typing this on my old..."broken" laptop with the Linux disk! That's right I figured it out...on Saturday after my last post...while I was eating!! Isn't it great?? However, my dreams of bringing the computers completely back to life...well...still figuring that out. Seems, neither the desktops(2nd partition) nor the laptops main hard drive have enough space to intall Fedora-Linux on. Quite disappointing...but, gives me something else to work on!

Super proud of me!

Below is my picture proof...since I can take a screenshot:

My other challenge is the desktop, might have to call in  some back up for this one. All of the documentation that I have read and seen don't seem to answer my issue:

I want to use E for Linux but for some reason I'm not given E: as the choice to install on. So, I figured if I un-partitioned and added it back to C: and then re-partitioned I could do that. But, the software to do that doesn't even show all of my available drives.