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Saturday, December 17, 2011

MyGalaxyNexus :-)

So I finally upgraded from my OG Droid!! Its been 3 hours and I'm satisfied... not yet in love...bit I can feel the sparks!

Hour 1- the ride home...on my first call I experienced great sound quality, which is key for me as I have some issues with hearing sometimes. I do absolutely love the screen when on a call. I always wanted the picture of the contact to take up most of the screen instead of that little box.

Hour 2- initial set up phase... I plugged in the phone to charge it. Its still charging ...please tell me because I'm using it too :-/

Hour 3 - finding things I don't I will fully test when its done charging but why can you still view the notification bar when the screen is locked? What foes the lockscreen represent if its not preventing unwanted access??? Also, I put all my music onto this phone from old memory card. I have all my Mary albums and not one of them moved over! WHY??? Again will fully test at a later date. And why do the apps automatically put an icon on the home screen? I *sigh*

Moving forward as my girl Miki says...I will keep you posted!

Thanks for reading...stay tuned.

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