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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So a few posts back, I explained that I had been through the process of rooting my D1 and after some trial and error was successful.
Well, although I started this post on 7/9/11 and it is now 8/24/11...I'm still winning. Well, sorta. LOL
I found this phenomenal ROM- Simply Stunning 5.4

It works super fast, looks good, has great customization options and has tons of support. As with good must come the bad....battery life sucks. (HOWEVER, I am hoping it's an app and not the ROM). Just today I exchanged messages with the developer ChevyNo1 regarding this issue.
Currently in the middle of waiting for the a full charge and will continue and update him as well as you guys! (ALL --uh how many of you are out there? Lol)

Along the way, I have found some pretty cool apps AND today was accepted as a beta tester for an app.

All the above is for the Motorola D1, I have been experimenting with the Coby Kyros mid7024 (tablet)-see future posts for information regarding this.

Things are moving along least in the technical department of this life :-)

What I'll be trying next:
*change bootscreen animation
*upgrade to SS5.5
*find more beta testing opportunities

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