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Friday, March 5, 2010

Are you looking for....

Outplacement Services
So, I was thinking, what would be the term for outplacement services if the same information was imparted to high school seniors and college students. Is there a term for that already. Having been through some outplacement services sessions recently, I think EVERYONE could benefit from this information. If this information is ingrained in your being when you actually NEED it, it would be easier.
The most valuable part of the whole idea of the outplacement sessions for me was the sense of reality about the current job market but at the same time the CONFIDENCE that you, well I, have something valuable and unique to offer some company/organization.

So, with all that being said, is there anyone out there looking for a quirky, shy individual who has a passion for organization, technology, writing, music, research, list making and helping people among a few things?

Its Friday, unemployed Friday is so different from employed Friday. Although I've been busy and productive its just not the same.

What I have enjoyed is:

-actually making a list and being able to complete it all...that's just so fulfilling!!!
-making my list of WHAT I THINK I WANT TO DO and finding out the pros and cons with just a google or two...LOL
-working on my social media profiles,its a great way to get to know you and the you that you want others to know so that they want to know you...whew!
-spending time with my DROID...gotta love that phone but along the way I have found there are things not to love. to begin the weekend (I have no TO-DOs as they are ALL DONE, now I've gotta make stuff up...LOL)

Heres to a GREAT WEEKEND and a productive new week ahead!

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