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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Probably just me being dramatic as usual...

So, I'm not generally an Oprah fan, there was a point when I liked her then I went through a period where I loathed the very mention of her name. At this point, I am somewhere in the middle. I have to admit when she announced that she would be ending her show I was saddened. Over the years there have been moments of greatness that came out of this show and that will be missed, not sure anything could fill the void that will be left in just a few more shows.
I am with the camp, they feels like Oprah doesn't really like/support/uplift black people. I've never felt that with her platform that she truly did something for the black community. I think on some level she definitely gave some little black girls the gift of believing that despite the past you can achieve greatness. But I guess what I don't see is her showing them how to give back that greatness to the black community. Don't get me wrong, I think her philanthropic endeavors are beyond words at some points but, there is something I don't see/feel from her.
There have been many times along the years that I've felt she could have showcased a black person here or there but the most recent thing was when she had Mary J. Blige on for the first time. I don't believe this is from the show I'm speaking of but it was along these lines:

Oprah: The reason I'm in Houston talking with you today is that I know you've grown. A few years back, my friend Gayle suggested I interview you for the magazine. I go, "What is Mary J. Blige going to say?" 
Mary: Thank you. If you had talked to me back then, you would've stunted my growth.

Now, although Mary, felt like it would have stunted her growth (and she knows herself better than I do, despite being the #1 fan) I felt like it was a slap in the face. Why wouldn't she have tried to show Mary the other side of success. It just hurt me to my core when she said that, I was once again turned off by Oprah.  How can Oprah in one breath say that but in another welcome people who spew hate and slander on her show. What is she showing there? What do they have to say? Being on Oprah could have put Mary on a different trajectory. Not saying the journey she has had is flawed, because she seems to have blossomed more beautifully than I would have ever thought from first falling in love with the MJB phenomenon at first hearing "You Remind Me".
Anyway, all that to say, but now she is having the "author" James Frey on AGAIN? HE LIED about a whole book of experiences!!! So, I ask Oprah, what is he going to say?

Even in watching the Season 25 Final Season show on OWN and getting a different picture of Oprah, I still have that feeling that black people aren't her "thing". But, I am amazed by her life accomplishments and in some very small ways look up to her. The OWN network reflects just what I thought it would an nothing of what I hoped but I have enjoyed the final season show and getting to "know" Oprah a little better ;-)
Let me know what you think...dramatic?

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