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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Technology may not have been my first love...

Like I said: technology may not have been my first love but it surely is a great love (no greater than God)!. I have been pondering rooting my Original Droid for quite some time but the thought of bricking my baby was so daunting! Finally, last week, I held my breath and jumped in. Okay, don't get me wrong, I did what I do first and that's research, research and research. I found 3 different versions of the easiest way to root and was ready to do it.

The first try was SuperOneClick, which I found instructions to on but it didn't work. There was no error that I recall on the phone but on the PC there was an error. I was disappointed because I felt like this wasn't going to work. But I took a step back and said to myself: "Self, sometimes the best things are the things you work hardest for".

So, I moved onto the next tutorial that I found on as well and that one was a bit labor intensive. I don't mind a lot of steps but it seemed to me that there were so many steps that I was bound to miss something and mess up. From watching the video the first time you don't realize that there are preparatory steps, so I moved onto the 3rd video.

By now I'm sweating and a little upset that I started this process at 11pm!!! The 3rd video was narrated by, what sounded like a 12 year old but I watched it twice to make sure I knew the steps. I downloaded everything, which I think was 1 or 2 files, prepped the PC and had the phone ready and raring to go. I followed the directions, felt like everything was going well and then NOTHING! I mean nothing! I was almost in a complete and utter panic. I realize I getting tired and to be quite honest a little cranky too! I put the phone down, got a cup of cold water and thought about the process and what I could have done wrong. I read a few more of the problems that people were having, none I saw as mine did nothing but I thought maybe I'd see something. So, I figured, I'd give it one more try before going to bed and starting fresh in the morning. YAY, for me the next try worked and I was super excited!

I'm rooted!! And the first thing I did was change my text signature to "~I'm ROOTED B@#%^!~"  and then I went to bed, ok after looking for a new ROM. It only took me 3 hours...I think that's pretty good considering all that I tested and tried first!

All of that brings me to this: since I was so excited about my Original Droid being rooted I wanted to root my friends G1...BIG MISTAKE!!! Wednesday I started the process and I wasn't able to successfully root it until Friday and now I can't get any ROM to work on it! I'm getting angry and frustrated and feeling really defeated right about now! I've tried CM5 & CM6 and Pyron_gingerbread. I've tried using the CM wiki instructions, I've tried flashing from recovery, installing SD...nothing works!!!

So, if there are any G1 rooters out there, HELP!!

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