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Sunday, February 6, 2011


Back in March I asked that you check back on April 24th for my tribute to Kevin Powell, my birthday brother but I never posted it. I sent it to him on April 20th and I think secretly I was hoping to have a response to post along with it. But...nope, no response. That's cool though, he's a busy man and maybe he just wasn't that impressed. LOL 
I was reminded of this because today he posted on Facebook:
I have a perfectly fine tv at home. Why am I considering going to a Super Bowl party again? This sofa feels really good right now, too.
28 minutes ago ·  · 
And I responded saying:
 Regina Dee Stay the less rowdy and neat of your bunch over so you don't have too much to clean provide the tv and they can provide the snacks ;-)

 23 minutes ago · 
And then he responded saying:
 Kevin Powell Nah, no one's getting invited over here. :)
23 minutes ago · 

Well for those of you who know me...and my antisocial...well, ok, just not liking people to come over my house...I was reminded...we are going to have some similarities based on our birth date, hence the reminder to post the tribute. 

Anyway, here it is:

You have long been an unknowing but not necessarily an unwilling participant in the development of my social conscience, so this birthday I want to celebrate you the way you know best, in the written word. I hope you enjoy it. 

Born in a city they call ChillTown
Infused with the strength and
Resilience of a single mother
Tested and found to be the TRUTH.
Heaven birthed you with a
Decree to empower, uplift and help
Advance a people who have been lost.
Yielding to a generation possibilities they never knew existed.

Born in the same city, on the same day
Rose up in a different time
Only to find a passion in common.
The written word
Housed in our minds crammed with creativity
Echoing a past that brought you here to this moment
Reaching for a future that was destined on …

With Love and RespectHappy Birthday!(c) 2010 Regina Davis
Born April 24th/Jersey City,NJ

So, what do you think? Corny? Like my use of Acrostic Poetry? Oh well, whether you like it or not...I loved it and meant it and felt it! YAY ME!

But you know what, recently I read that Kevin Powell wrote he's just not that into the writing anymore and it made me sad. I enjoy him so much. Here is what he said:
Since someone just asked: I have been writing since I was 11, 12, became a professional writer at 20. Have written books, screenplays, narratives for doc films, radio, tv, and ad copy, you name it. There have been times when I have loved being a writer, and times when I despised it. Now I am just at peace with it, and know it is not for me. All artists are just vessels being used by a higher power.
January 30 at 1:01pm ·  · 
I hear him though and of course respect his honesty and the fact that he knows himself enough to realize this.
Still looking forward to his memoir, 2012 seems so far away right now.

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