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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Late night learning

Its 1:50am and I am still up fondling the some point in this relationship a restraining order may be needed!  I posted a question on a forum and received some really good feedback that I had to follow up on. A guy told me to put the phone in safe mode...yeah like you do with the computer to see if the lag existed at that point.  I had never heard that you could put the phone in safe mode. It took me three tries only because I have patience issues otherwise it was quick and easy.
The lag didn't exist and it was like the phone I initially fell in love with. It was perfection squared but the best part would be to have that performance in regular mode.
I will attempt yet another factory reset...waiting for some further information from the nice forum guy to proceed. I am waiting, ever so patiently for October (upgrade time) before I attempt further "play" just in case I'm not successful.
Well ...nighty night ;-)

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